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End to End Security for your Business

Jumble is designed to make your business more secure. Protect your email data not only while it’s in transit but also while it’s filed away or sitting in your inbox. No need to create a new email account simply sign up for Jumble today and protect your email account within minutes.

Management Dashboard

Use your Jumble dashboard to observe how your business protects it email data. Monitor your organization with powerful KPIs to help with compliance and regulations.

Encryption on the go with Jumble Mobile Support

Get Jumble encryption on your smartphone and protect email data while your team is on the move using our mobile app. No need to wait until you’re back at your desktop before you send sensitive data.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Next Generation Email Security! Jumble is a simple email encryption and data privacy solution. It integrates seamlessly on top of MS Outlook and Google Apps so you don't need to change how you work, just sign-up and install the add-in for MS Outlook or the Google Chrome extension to get next generation email security instantly.
Most businesses only protect their emails while they are in transit (i.e. being sent from your internet browser to the recipient’s browser). However, emails live forever and all the data should be protected at all times. The only way to do this is to use end-to-end encryption but it’s usually too technical or time-consuming to be practical. Jumble makes it simple and fast – it takes the pain out of end-to-end encryption.
In short, Jumble is a tool that allows for seamless and secure email encryption with almost no effort. Jumble is different from existing email encryption products insofar as you don't have to be already signed-up with Jumble to start receiving encrypting emails.

Additionally, Jumble works with your existing email address so no need to create a new email account.
Jumble is free for all personal users. It is important that security can be available without paying anything to anyone. As a personal user, Jumble will remain free.

Paid versions are for companies and individuals looking for extra security. Paid versions allow companies to use Jumble encryption with the companies' email domains and also access the software extensions to use Jumble with MS Outlook and numerous other email clients. Additionally, paid versions offer a rich business features such as eAudit support and 2-factor authentication.
Encryption is a way to enhance the security of a message by Jumbling the contents so that it can be read only by someone who has the right encryption key to un-Jumble it.
Today we support MS Outlook for Windows desktop, web-based Google Apps for Business & Gmail and iOS and we're working hard to bring more platform coverage to our users as soon as possible; we plan to launch Jumble support for Office365 and Android imminently with Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and shortly after; keep an eye on our Supported Platforms page for more info.
Jumble is self-funded and has no agreements or obligations to share data with any third party. Simply put: we believe everyone should have access to privacy and secure email and that’s why Jumble will always be free for individuals.