End-to-end email encryption

Protect all your email data... all the time

Email is Forever

Emails never die, they live forever across the cloud, various email servers and recipients’ inboxes so shouldn't you protect your email for its entire lifetime?

End-to-end encryption with Jumble is the best way to do this, it ensures that the email stays protected both while in transit and at rest and is only visible to the intended recipients while it's being read.

Jumble is fast to deploy and easy to use, regardless of whether you're communicating with colleagues internal or external to your organisation or just chatting with friends.

Jumble’s on-demand encryption secures all email content and attachments (regardless of the type of file) when you need it, and when you don’t… you don’t.

Jumble is a zero-knowledge provider meaning it's the perfect choice for healthcare and legal professionals and other industries that require high levels of data security and protection.

Simple, Seamless Integration

Don’t get lost in the business of protecting your business – Jumble integrates with your existing email system so you keep working as normal letting Jumble take care of the data security while you take care of your business.

Whether using desktop email or the cloud, Jumble integrates inside your email client and protects your emails and attachments before they leave your computer.

Simple and seamless integration with existing email systems

Regain Control of your Email

Ever sent an email prematurely? Or maybe to the wrong person and wished you could recall it? Now you can! Jumble allows you to easily revoke sent emails… panic over.

Want self-destructing email? Now you have it – Jumble emails can automatically expire so that they’re only available for the timeframe you specify and not a second longer.

And in case you’re worried someone won’t understand what a secure email is, we’ve got you covered with Personalized Intros. You can include a short message that won’t be encrypted so that you can let the recipient know why the email was encrypted.

Full control of emails with Revocation and Self-destruction

Encryption and Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention is a major concern for many business owners and data exfiltration and its prevention can be a major problem. Fortunately, Jumble provides a solution for this.

Jumble’s proprietary ContentSense technology will alert you when you need to secure an email – you can even define policies to ensure your organization stays in-check.

eAudit and Regulatory Compliance

Need an end-to-end encryption solution that supports eAudit and eDiscovery? No problem – Jumble is the perfect solution – talk to us about our eAudit and legal compliance features.

We’ll make sure your data stays protected while helping you meet your legal obligations.

eAudit and regulatory compliance

Simple Management Control

Jumble’s easy and intuitive management interface enables fast enrolment and deployment across your organization in minutes – do it yourself, at a time that suits you.

Easily manage your users, password resets, encryption keys and devices, giving you full control. Freeze out a malicious actor within your organization or even a malicious device in the case of a stolen laptop or cellphone.

Jumble dashboards provide managers with key information and metrics to understand how secure their email traffic is, and which users may be leaking sensitive information.

Simple management web interface and dashboards

Mobile Email Encryption

Need secure email on-the-go? Get the Jumble mobile app and stay secure and connected.

Ensure that your business secures its data even while your team is on the move; the Jumble mobile app provides a full range of mobile email client functionality, read emails and attachments, whether encrypted or not, and compose and send secure and regular emails with ease.

Secure and encrypted email on mobile devices - get the Jumble App

Forget about the Big IT budgets

Forget about the capital expenditure usually associated with deploying new technologies in your business. Just sign up, add as many or as few of your team as you wish and start protecting your email data instantly. All you pay is a monthly fee per user allowing your business to add team members as you wish and scale security in line with your requirements.

Secure your emails now!