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Encrypt email with Jumble’s easy to use plug-in

Why you should encrypt email Email is great – it allows you to communicate quickly and simply.  Unfortunately, with our lives being conducted more and more online criminals have moved online also and your email is prime target for them.  Every day criminals hack large numbers of email accounts to glean… Read more »

Gmail’s encrypted email warning, what’s missing?

Google encrypted email Jumble email encryption

Gmail’s encrypted email warning is coming for emails that are sent and received through unsecured connections.  Earlier this month, Google released their Safer Email Transparency report, which reveals the strides made in email encryption between 2013 and 2015.  It’s very important to note that these strides specifically relate to the… Read more »

Encrypt Email Attachments with Jumble

Jumble Secure Email Attachments

You’ve asked for it (on more than one occasion) and we can finally announce that Jumble has released email attachments; this is BIG news! Now when you send a secure email you can easily attach ANY file type for encryption – Jumble will seamlessly encrypt email attachments and include it in the… Read more »

End-To-End Email Encryption

End-to-end email encryption is the ONLY encryption a business should consider. Due to improved understanding of cyber security within business and organizations, CIO ‘s and IT leaders are looking at email encryption as another defence pillar within their overall data security strategy. Choosing “End-to-end” email encryption means data been sent will be encrypted… Read more »

Celebrate “International Data Protection Day” with FREE Email Encryption #DPD15

Celebrate “International Data Protection Day” with FREE Email Encryption from Jumble

Whether you call it “International Data Privacy Day” (US) or “International Data Protection Day” (Europe), we would like to wish you a cyber safe day. January 28th represents the day on which an extra strong spotlight shines on issues relating to cyber security with the purpose of raising awareness and… Read more »

Sony Pictures Hack – Are your ex-employees exposing you?

It’s been over three weeks since the Sony Pictures Hack hit the headlines and there’s still no sign of the story abating with new revelations coming out on a daily basis. The cyber attack, which was carried out by the Guardians of Peace (GOP), is an extremely high profile story… Read more »

How to get started with Jumble’s easy to use email encryption plug-in

We’ve worked to make Jumble a simple email encryption product and for the installation to be as straightforward and painless as possible…..however in our experience technology doesn’t always work and things don’t always go to plan. We could write more FAQ’s and instructions but we decided to try our hand… Read more »