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New feature announcements and updates from our developers

Email Security for Google Apps with Jumble

Jumble for Google Apps

At Jumble we’ve been busy building some really exciting new features to help you secure more data, more easily. We’ve listened to feedback from our users and have incorporated it into our latest Google Apps release on Chrome (available here: The changes in our latest release include everything from… Read more »

Encryption, control, security… Jumble for MS Outlook

Jumble for MS Outlook

Version 3.1 of Jumble for Outlook has now been released, which means we have a lot of exciting new features and updates to share with you. Outlook is still one of the most popular email clients used by businesses, and we support all versions from Outlook 2010 through to Outlook… Read more »

Encrypt Email Attachments with Jumble

Jumble Secure Email Attachments

You’ve asked for it (on more than one occasion) and we can finally announce that Jumble has released email attachments; this is BIG news! Now when you send a secure email you can easily attach ANY file type for encryption – Jumble will seamlessly encrypt email attachments and include it in the… Read more »

Beautifully encrypted emails that are easily and seamlessly decrypted

Bad news… we were told that our encrypted emails looked a little ugly and quite frankly we couldn’t argue. Good news… we listened, did a little work and we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our awesome, newly designed encrypted email. Drumroll please….. We’ve released a new version of… Read more »

Password Hygiene – how to “cook” up a strong password!

Just a quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today and a reminder to stay safe and protect yourself during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To help you stay safe we’ve created a little infographic on good password hygiene, see below.

How to get started with Jumble’s easy to use email encryption plug-in

We’ve worked to make Jumble a simple email encryption product and for the installation to be as straightforward and painless as possible…..however in our experience technology doesn’t always work and things don’t always go to plan. We could write more FAQ’s and instructions but we decided to try our hand… Read more »