Email Security for Google Apps with Jumble

At Jumble we’ve been busy building some really exciting new features to help you secure more data, more easily. We’ve listened to feedback from our users and have incorporated it into our latest Google Apps release on Chrome (available here:

The changes in our latest release include everything from performance and stability to usability, accessibility and new, exciting functionality, giving you more control of your data and enabling you to secure more data, more quickly.

The New Jumble Menu

We’ve developed a group of features that will help you to get the most of your encrypted emails. They are grouped for convenience and available by clicking the gray bar in your normal email compose window, highlighted below.

compose_blank-e1459190318503 Email Security for Google Apps with Jumble

The new Jumble menu in Chrome

Inside this area you will find two new features, Personal Intros and Email Expiration.

Personal Intros

Sometimes when you send an encrypted email to someone who is not familiar with Jumble, they could feel a little lost on what the next steps are in order to read the email (encryption can often sound onerous and time-consuming) or why you are sending an email that’s encrypted in the first place. The most likely action to follow is to contact you, the sender, and confirm that you did in fact send the email and what they should do next. In the Personal Intro field you can add a 200-character message that will not be encrypted so you can tell your recipient that they can trust this email and that they should decrypt it.

compose_subject-e1459190337363 Email Security for Google Apps with Jumble

Composing a secure email with an intro

Email Expiration

The lifecycle of an email is a subject we choose to ignore in most of our communications. Almost all of our emails are sent and then stored forever in the recipient’s inbox or on an email server. But what happens when we share sensitive data and we don’t want it to be available after a period of time, we want it to self-destruct?

Now Jumble has a simple way to help in these situations by allowing the sender to Revoke or Expire an email in just a few steps, giving you total control of the lifespan of the email.

Next to the Personal Intro field, you will find a toggle with the message ‘Activate to set expiration date’. By activating the toggle you will be able to set a date and time for your email to expire.

Only emails that have an expiration date/time will expire, every other encrypted email will be available as normal.

compose_expire-e1459190285248 Email Security for Google Apps with Jumble

Set an expiration time for an email

It’s important to know that once your email expires, the recipient won’t be able to decrypt it but you, as the sender, will always be able to read the email.

Email Revocation

The revoke email feature will allow you to prevent the recipient from decrypting an email whenever you want. So, if you Secure Send an email to the wrong person or you don’t want an email to be available anymore, go to your Sent emails folder and open the email you want to revoke. Once inside the email you will see at the top right corner a new button, labeled ‘Revoke Email’ (next to the “Reply” icon), just click it and the email will no longer be accessible to any of the recipients. You, as the sender, will always be able to decrypt this email.

sent Email Security for Google Apps with Jumble

A sent email with Revoke option

Once revoked you’ll notice that the button is now red and is labeled “Revoked Email”.

sent_revoked Email Security for Google Apps with Jumble

A revoked email in Sent items

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