Black Friday and Cyber Monday email encryption special offer

Black-Friday-Jumble-encrypted-email Black Friday and Cyber Monday email encryption special offer

Protect your data, protect your business

Using the Jumble discount code CYBER50, you can get 50% off Jumble’s simple email encryption business basic plan for 3-months for you and your entire company.  Jumble provides one-click email encryption that’s secure, easy to set-up and simple to use.

Black Friday “officially” commenced on the 27th November, but many online retailers offered their discounted deals in the run up to Thanksgiving and the hysteria is expected to continue until at least Cyber Monday.  These huge online retail days are no longer just a US tradition as they have gone global with shoppers from all over the world looking to get a deal.  Unfortunately, it will not only be shoppers looking for a great deal as online thieves and hackers target vulnerable retailers and shoppers in the search of their next big “deal”!  Businesses and consumers should also stay alert of online scams and protect themselves against cyber criminals to ensure Tuesday doesn’t become “regretful Tuesday” when they realise they have been robbed!

Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday-Jumble-email-encryption-special-offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday email encryption special offerOver this Holiday season, Irish consumers are expected to spend 31% more than last year topping out at €109M while “Americans are predicted to spend an insane amount online this Thanksgiving”.  In total, over the Holiday season, which includes November and December, Americans will spend an estimated $83BN in online sales. This year, over the Holiday weekend, It’s predicted that;

  • Online sales on Cyber Monday will hit $3BN, up 12% from 2014 and from $2BN in 2012;
  • Online sales on Black Friday will hit $2.7BN, up 15% from 2014; and
  • Online sales on Thanksgiving will reach $1.6BN.

Even after Cyber Monday, businesses and consumers must be vigilant as criminals continue their fraudulent attacks.  According to Avira, email and phishing scams will remain one of the most targeted types of attacks.

Secure your emails, protect your business

Hacker-stole-50k-gmail-jumble-email-encryption-300x125 Black Friday and Cyber Monday email encryption special offer

$50k stolen by hacking a Gmail account

While some businesses may have a relaxed attitude to the security of their email accounts, there are many examples of where this relaxed attitude has resulted in financial loss.  One particular case is where a hacker stole $50,000 from Adam Draper simply by having access to his Gmail account.  Adam runs a Bitcoin accelerator and used his Gmail account to communicate with his accountant.  Over this Holiday season, take every precaution to protect your business and your customer’s money.  There are many sites offering helpful guidelines to help your business remain safe over this Holiday season, but here are our two simple steps to keep you safe online:

  • Ensure you have a strong password for your email account. Even though this is an obvious one, many businesses still have their accounts compromised each year simply because they had a weak password.
  • Use end-to-end email encryption to share sensitive data with anybody. If Adam had used encrypted emails to communicate with his accountant, this is one way the hackers would not have been able to steal his money.

Remember, you can get 50% off Jumble’s simple email encryption business basic plan for 3-months if you order before the 7th December using the discount code CYBER50.

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