Email Leak – Irish Defence Forces – Who is next?

Email leaks – who is next?

According to email encryption technology firm Jumble, if a defence force can be subject to an email leak then it begs the question, who is next?

Secure communications

The first line of communication between many organisations remains email and all too frequently sensitive data is contained in these unsecured communications.  When exchanging sensitive data one should expect to do so via a secure line of communication.

email-security Email Leak - Irish Defence Forces – Who is next?

Cyber crime

With the global cyber crime market now worth more than the global drugs trade government agencies and businesses need to ensure they are protecting their data otherwise they risk disrupting their business, damaging their reputation, paying out compensation or incurring fines.  So as cyber crime becomes more sophisticated it only makes sense that the tools businesses use to protect sensitive data be at least one step ahead?


Encrypting your email will keep all but the most dedicated hackers from intercepting and reading your private communications. Increasingly, the news and the web has more stories on data loss making the headlines with alarming regularity and email is one of the main ways in which information can fall into the wrong hands. Once data has been leaked, it is very hard to re-secure and the negative PR that this can generate can do serious damage to a company’s reputation.

Cost of an email leak

CIO’s and the IT community are becoming more aware that besides the specific regulatory requirements within industry sectors such as finance, insurance and medicine, the various data protection laws at a local country level actually requires all companies to take measures to prevent accidental loss of data. There are obvious legal risks that could arise from wrongful disclosure by your organisation, even unintentionally in the event of an email leak and the risk of the local data protection agency issuing a public enforcement notice. But a bigger risk regarding data loss or email leaks is the financial or competitive impact on IP or other sensitive data being intercepted. Again, avoiding this kind of eventuality would go a long way to sparing a business’s blushes.

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