Celebrate “International Data Protection Day” with FREE Email Encryption #DPD15

Whether you call it “International Data Privacy Day” (US) or “International Data Protection Day” (Europe), we would like to wish you a cyber safe day. January 28th represents the day on which an extra strong spotlight shines on issues relating to cyber security with the purpose of raising awareness and promoting privacy and data protection best practices for businesses and individuals alike.

dpd Celebrate “International Data Protection Day” with FREE Email Encryption #DPD15

#DPD January 28 2015

Since the Council of Europe first initiated the day in 2007, the cyber security risks to businesses and individuals have dramatically increased. Unfortunately, 2014 was a memorable year for stolen credit card details, email attacks, iCloud hacks, and, of course, the Sony fiasco. Today, there are many global events happening to promote awareness of this extremely important issue. It is great to see the 7th National Data Protection Conference, organised by the ICS in collaboration with the ADPO, taking place in Dublin Castle, Ireland with a healthy attendance expected.

The Jumble Team would like to mark this important day by offering our email encryption business plan FREE (for six months) to all company users that sign up on the 28th January. Jumble is already FREE to all individual users. Typically, there’s a monthly charge per user on our business plan, but in recognition of #DPD15, we are giving that away for FREE for six months. The business plan includes intelligent features to allow businesses not only send and receive encrypted emails, but manage their data protection. The features include;

  • Attachment support;
  • User and key management to lock or revoke encryption keys remotely;
  • ContentSense technology that helps your teams protect your business; and
  • A management dashboard so you are always in control of your data compliance.

To get started with Jumble check out our tutorial or if you know that part already why not go straight to the Google Chrome store to get our Chrome extension.

The small print: Jumble is currently in Beta, available on Google Chrome and iOS with more platforms coming soon. The intelligent business features will be released by March with the User and Key Management features currently live. By registering today, your account will be free for six months post the release of the business features. Full details of our business plans will be updated on our website shortly, but the price points will be 3, 5 or 7 depending on your security requirements. 

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