Email encryption on iOS

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iPhone encryption for your emails

We know email is important in day to day life. Protecting it is also important. This is why we made Jumble available on your portable devices.

Because your iPhone and iPad can connect to public networks these devices are the most vulnerable to email woes. With the Jumble App you are protected everywhere, giving you always-on email security.

What Jumble App has to offer

Jumble has launched the first of its mobile platforms, starting with iOS and with Android following shortly. The Jumble iOS app works great on both iPad and iPhone.

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All your emails located in the same place. They might be encrypted or not, it won't matter because they will all show up here; encrypted emails will automatically decrypt as you read them.



Keep track of your inbox! The "Unread" email section filters all received email that has yet to be opened. An easy and convenient way to quickly access to latest emails.



You need an attached file but you don't remember the email subject? No problem, the "Attachments" section filters all emails to only show those that have attachments. You can easily scroll through emails with attached files.



Need to see all your email, regardless of folders or labels? The "All" section will show you all your email in one place. This is great when your folder system fails or you can't remember where something is.



Important or marked email? The "Starred" section selects all emails that you marked or flagged as important. Don't waste time searching for a marked email in your inbox, check "starred" and you will find it easily.


Sent Mail

All sent email in a single place. You need to find an email you sent recently? The "Sent" section gives you access to all outgoing emails in a second.